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sarah palin hot daughter

sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin#39;s daughters
  • Sarah Palin#39;s daughters

  • flopticalcube
    Apr 13, 06:46 PM
    I see no benefits here.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin
  • Sarah Palin

  • Jazwire
    May 1, 10:32 PM
    How long till pics are leaked?

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin: Hot Photo!
  • Sarah Palin: Hot Photo!

  • joshwest
    Jan 27, 09:03 AM
    If I may, because Amazon sells 12 bags cheaper (per unit) than any other store. About once every 4-6 months I buy 12 bags of Haribo Gummi Bears for under $14.00. If you were to buy a 5 oz bag in store, you'd be paying at least $2.99, on a super good day. For me though, I need to put them away someplace where I'll likely forget or I'll eat a bag a day in place of a meal. :eek:

    Not exactly what I was going to say but hit the nail on the head. It's much cheaper than going to the store plus gas and time it's a no brainer when these can be waiting for me on my doorstep when I get home.

    and also Amazon has EVERYTHING!

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin came down from
  • Sarah Palin came down from

  • twilson
    Oct 23, 09:55 AM
    The more "interesting" restriction I saw (and mentioned in the other thread) was the "don't use DRM in a VM" restriction even with business or ultimate. :eek: :rolleyes:


    Of course not, the DRM would then be transferrable. Which given the lack of DRM license backups, I think that is what most people will do.


    sarah palin hot daughter. sarah palin hot.
  • sarah palin hot.

  • dgree03
    Apr 28, 12:36 PM
    One must assume the carrier would prefer to sell an iPhone, where they don't have to make up the cost of a "free" Android phone over time. Carriers thus would want to sink more advertising dollars and apply more sales pressure for the more profitable iPhone.

    Again, let's get the iPhone on Sprint and T-Mobile and see how it all plays out.

    Very true, I am sure Telcos would rather sell you a $199 device AND still lock you into a contract(which is how is happens on high end Android and Iphones.)

    Also I think carriers do bogo because they can push THEIR proprietary software that they bloat android devices with and make money that way. They cannot bloat iphone because apple doesnt roll like that. If you notice, T-mobile(who usually sells all the "pure" android devices) never do bogo for them. They will, however do a BOGO for a low end android phone with their apps on it.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin#39;s Daughter
  • Sarah Palin#39;s Daughter

  • KnightWRX
    Apr 23, 06:16 PM
    This would make a possible model for Videotron and Wind Mobile in Canada and probably give Apple more carrier options in other countries also. It makes sense in a non-US Centric view.

    And looking at "carrier acquisitions" here, Rogers acquired Fido ages ago, yet even though the networks worked on the same GSM bands, they still haven't merged. An AT&T purchase of T-mobile would probably take years for a merge to even occur, and a few technology changes. AT&T isn't going to retrofit T-mobile's network and change their frequencies, requiring all the existing customer base to change phones.

    So even in a US Centric view, it makes a lot of sense. Basically, don't let an AT&T acquisition of T-mobile trick you into thinking this is a false rumor.


    sarah palin hot daughter. Palin#39;s daughter splits from
  • Palin#39;s daughter splits from

  • cmaier
    Apr 23, 10:02 AM
    Apple is glad it's fast! They are glad the system works very differently.

    How long did the MS vs Apple and MS antitrust suits last?

    The patent infringement defendant is never glad to be in a fast venue. It's a huge advantage to the plaintiff. The plaintiff has a huge headstart before the suit is even filed.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Willow Palin, 16, daughter of
  • Willow Palin, 16, daughter of

  • dsensi
    May 2, 10:16 AM
    OK, guys, I think you are right, touch screens are not the most desirable thing to see in an iMac, although I am sure they will implement it sooner or later, because it has an appeal nowadays to many customers - and it�s up to you if you use it or not. Time will answer this question.

    But... what do you think about higher resolution screens? Specially for the 21,5 iMac. I currently own a notebook with 15.4 screen that has exactly the same amount of pixels of a 21.5 iMac (1920x1080). When I use the 21.5 iMac, the large pixel size bother me, while at the notebook pixels are almost invisible, and it�s a great pleasure to use it.


    sarah palin hot daughter. what you like about Sarah,
  • what you like about Sarah,

  • Blue Velvet
    Aug 2, 06:02 AM
    No it is not and I dare you to prove me wrong! The majority of the creative class uses pcs period.

    Wrong. Of course, sequestered in your teaching post-graduate architectural world you may not see the wood for the trees and in the readily-accepted use of the word, 'creatives' do not include those who use AutoCAD.

    The design, print, packaging, promo, photographic and fashion industry is overwhelmingly Mac-based.

    Saying 'period' at the end of a sentence doesn't make it correct. Nor does one campus switching to PCs make it a summer. ;)

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah and Willow Palin
  • Sarah and Willow Palin

  • Moyank24
    Apr 22, 04:17 PM
    I wouldn't be cool with the teardrop shape. I love the design of the iPhone 4 and would be disappointed if they went a different direction.

    But, I'm sure we will be hearing rumors about many different designs between now and the actual unveiling.


    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin was on a hot
  • Sarah Palin was on a hot

  • AppleScruff1
    Apr 13, 09:09 PM
    I would love to see those prices!........not really tho

    They'll buy the panel from Samsung, charge double the price of everything else on the market and the sheep will be lined up for days to buy one. It will be a huge hit and Sony and Samsung will go out of business.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin?
  • Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin?

  • ChrisNM
    Apr 28, 07:06 PM
    i had to check the calendar to make sure it wasn't April 1st.


    sarah palin hot daughter. Bristol Palin Boob Job.
  • Bristol Palin Boob Job.

  • jeromem75
    Apr 24, 04:44 AM
    Apparently it has an A5 chip in it.

    sarah palin hot daughter. She#39;s jealous of Sarah Palin:
  • She#39;s jealous of Sarah Palin:

  • maclaptop
    May 4, 09:17 AM
    As many have accurately stated, Apple does things on their terms. They know people will wait. Its no big deal.


    sarah palin hot daughter. Posted in bristol palin
  • Posted in bristol palin

  • Nobita
    Apr 13, 08:00 PM
    at&t ?, Verizon ? or both?

    It says both in the story.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin Is So
  • Sarah Palin Is So

  • morespce54
    Jul 26, 09:15 AM
    so would this be incorporated into the upcoming iPod, or the "next" update to the iPod?

    obviously in the next iPod (machine not sw) :(


    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin#39;s daughter
  • Sarah Palin#39;s daughter

  • simX
    Oct 18, 07:51 PM
    Why, my friend, do you think that a "cash cow" has to be the thing that gains the most revenue/profit? Not sure what dictionary you're using; please let me know.

    Why, my friend, by "the iPod is Apple's cash cow", you imply that there is only one cash cow. But if you want to use the traditional definition (http://www.dict.org/bin/Dict?Form=Dict2&Database=*&Query=cash+cow) of "cash cow", "a project that generates a continuous flow of money," then the Mac would be more of a cash cow than the iPod, because it has always represented a larger proportion of Apple's profits and revenues. Not once has the iPod represented more of Apple's revenues. So the Mac generates a larger continuous flow of money.

    Not sure what set of rules of logic you are using, but either way you are wrong. The Mac is still more important to Apple's bottom line than the iPod. Apple is also innovating more on the Mac than with the iPod.

    By the way, you might want to look up the definition of the word "emotional" as well. I'm using facts, you're making things up.

    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah Palin has obtained a new
  • Sarah Palin has obtained a new

  • kbmb
    Apr 15, 01:48 PM
    976.6 MB wtf
    Apple: Learn from Google http://dev.chromium.org/developers/design-documents/software-updates-courgette

    Problem is the App Store. I don't think Apple thought about this in regards to the Mac App store having larger programs. Sure the iOS App store is easy....most apps are small.

    The latest patch to Aperture for example.....I bought through the App store....and it had to download 600+ MB as the whole app just to patch, whereas people who already had it got a delta update through Software Update.

    Here's hoping in Lion they merge the two somehow....at least with Apple apps.


    sarah palin hot daughter. Sarah-Palin.jpg
  • Sarah-Palin.jpg

  • Queso
    Jul 25, 08:33 AM
    And you guys accuse PC users of sticking to old stereotypes. If you want to see ugly, take a gaze at the army of external devices that my iMac is going to need. I prefer my cables be inside the case instead of covering my desk.
    And you're really going to use all that are you? With the exception of RAM and hard disks, most computer consumers never expand their computers. So all that space in the case just translates to lost space in the home. I'm a pretty average computer user at home and with the exception of my camera, iPod and printer, I have no external devices. Although I will be purchasing an external firewire drive at some point, I'd much rather have a small squarish metallic box on display behind my iMac than lose an extra three square feet of floor space due to needing a bigger desk. Perhaps when you factor in the cost, the lost square footage of the room your computer is in should be taken into account.

    Jan 30, 12:36 PM
    Jon Cryer has to be the most unhappy guy in the world right now.

    Feb 1, 09:03 AM
    Base spec 13" MBP




    Selling my windows desktop and replacing it with this.

    Now I just need a dock for my Ipad and a minidisplay -> dvi adapter and a wireless apple keyboard.

    Pictures of finished setup will be available in the setups thread!

    Cant wait for the mbp to arrive

    Apr 27, 08:42 PM
    nies again. I think they're both werewolves. If so, nies is alpha, because jo tried to save him at the cost of himself.

    Jul 25, 01:31 AM
    But maybe with this increased interactivity Apple will put something on this larger screen that resembles the iTunes screen (Library, Playlists, Video Lists), possibly having iTunes on your iPod? Just an idea.

    Hmm... and why might we want iTunes (proper) on an iPod? Maybe to download music directly, as in accessing iTMS over WiFi? So, maybe this new iPod will have a full screen, which will be enough to provide a more substantial GUI, and allow for an implementation of iTMS directly on the iPod. This would be crucial to having a functional WiFi iPod, as well as having a good video iPod. Sounds good to me!

    (Personally, I will say that I certainly don't know enough to judge whether or not this is in any way a realistic expectation. But, to be fair, this may simply be the new top-end iPod, or vPod, and the lower end models will still have the tactile UI. Food for thought, if nothing else...)

    Oct 19, 03:57 AM
    With such astounding results, you may repeat after me:

    Dell is DEAD. HP is DEAD. Apple RULES!

    Last time I checked, Apple is still way behind Dell and HP. So I wouldn't label them as "dead" just yet.

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